hello everyone My name is Christopher D. Chesebro. I am 15 years of age and I live in the USA. I am here blogging because of my teacher. We are reading a book called to kill a mocking bird. then we each have a person in the book we are still blog about. My person I am blogging about is calpurnia. i have made another post about her and what she does and what her role is and everything else about her. If you want to see that go to my blogging page and the title of it is calpurnias blogging. well anyway, my hobbies are fishing, hunting, football, and a little bit of basketball. this may sound weird but i like making crafting stick houses. I started making them when i was like 7 years old and i am still making them today. keep in mind that im 15 so iv been making them for 8 years. things i like to do on my free time is go online and look at guns ha-ha its what i do dont judge me. well everyone i hoped you enjoined reading this and i hope you enjoy me blogging as calpurnia from to kill a mocking bird.



Hello everyone and welcome to the interview with boo radly and me cal. Lets get started. Boo is it true that you stabbed your dad when you were a kiid and he kepped you in that house all this time? No its not calpurnia, i dont know where people  got that myth from but it is not true. ok next question, during jem and scouts younger age, they found items on a whole is a tree on your property, do you know how they got there? Yes I put them there. Whys that? because i wanted them to have those items as a gift from me. until my father cemented it up i couldnt put things in it after that. Boo tell us, what were you doing  in that house all this time. Well cal i was waching over maybomb all this time. from the wild dog, to toms court case, to when i was waching over atticus children, i saved them frim bob ewell. i will continue to keep waching over this town as long as i live cal. well thanks for joining us on your interview i hope to hear back from you soon. maybe sooner than you think said boo.


I was hearing about Tom Robinson being killed, I knew he was shot but I didn’t know how it happened. Lets see if i can explain exactly  what happened from what I had heard. Tom was accused of being guilty as charges for raping Mayella for which he did not do. He was sent to the macomb county prision and soon they were going to get a re case or whatever you want to call it. in Toms head i guess that wasnt good enough because when the van of convicts were going to the prision when they stopped and got out, Tom slipped loose and started running away. The officer ordered tom to stop running and he will not be shot but tom wouldnt listen. Tom kept running, i guess he wanted to be free now or die. The officer shot to wound him but missed and shot him right through his chest. i really wish tom hadent done that because we had so much going for us at this re trial. it was a sure thing. tom was going to be a free man, no body knows why he did that except for  tom himself. why he did it? the world may never know

Toms court case

Cant believe how Tom Robinson’s court case has been going. There has been some ups and some downs. I really do think Tom is a good man and that he didn’t do anything wrong. I sure hope he wins his court case. I guess we will just have to find out and hope for the best. 

Left Out

I haven’t been included in the story lately. I feel kinda left out and sad :(. Well I hope I will be in there soon