Hello everyone and welcome to the interview with boo radly and me cal. Lets get started. Boo is it true that you stabbed your dad when you were a kiid and he kepped you in that house all this time? No its not calpurnia, i dont know where people  got that myth from but it is not true. ok next question, during jem and scouts younger age, they found items on a whole is a tree on your property, do you know how they got there? Yes I put them there. Whys that? because i wanted them to have those items as a gift from me. until my father cemented it up i couldnt put things in it after that. Boo tell us, what were you doing  in that house all this time. Well cal i was waching over maybomb all this time. from the wild dog, to toms court case, to when i was waching over atticus children, i saved them frim bob ewell. i will continue to keep waching over this town as long as i live cal. well thanks for joining us on your interview i hope to hear back from you soon. maybe sooner than you think said boo.


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