calpurnia blogging

Hello everyone! My name is Calpurnia. I am African American. I love to cook for the  Finch family, I am also like their mother. They treat me like their own. Their mother died at a young age so I have always been like a mother to them. I have decided to make a blogging site for various reasons. I just thought that people would have an interest in my craaaaaaaaaazy life, and maybe I can give some people some advice. Through-out life people have asked for lots of advice. weather it be for cooking or for taking care or kids, I have given lots of advice. Recently the kids have burnt Miss. Maudie’s house down and their bad behavior caused it to snow. There is an upside to this story, for one thing they tool Miss. Maudie’s snow as she didn’t want it she was happy about that, another thing is Miss. Maudie is happy about her house being burnt down because it was to big. She has thought about burning it down herself but the would go to jail for that. Now she said that she is going to build a much smaller house, and have more space in her yard for a garden.